Work Permits & Visas

While the industry sources the bulk of its required services from Namibian businesses, circumstances do arise where companies need to source specialised technicians and professionals from outside of Namibia. Specialised services are often necessary during mine constriction, or when part of a processing plant requires refurbishment, upgrading or a complex maintenance operation.

To service this need, and to assist members in acquiring other critical skills that cannot be sourced locally, the Chamber of Mines has created a fully-fledged department that deals with work permit and visa applications at a minimum fee. This functionality is a unique service offering for Chamber members and has reported high success rates and turn -around times on applications, eliminating the cumbersome procedures and time in filing applications.

Moreover, this office is abreast of daily communique and new developments from Home Affairs, which is then centrally communicated to members, ensuring they have the correct information and documentation when submitting applications.

Critical Team Member: Signa Ndombo, HR Administrator