Andrada Mining Limited: a Sustainable Partner in Namibia

Andrada Mining Limited is a mining company that is actively developing a portfolio of high-quality technology metal assets, focused on extracting lithium, tin, and tantalum, which are critical minerals required for the energy transition. The Company resources are concentrated on Namibia’s Damara Belt, a renowned metal-rich region, where the Company operates a mine and processing plant at Uis, and plans to expand production to include petalite (lithium) soon.

Andrada is committed to being a responsible partner in Namibia through safeguarding the environment, the creation of jobs, and making significant contributions to the economy. Andrada prioritises procurement from Namibian suppliers, particularly those in the Erongo region near Uis. Out of 272 suppliers, 83% (225) were from Namibia and total procurement expenditure from Namibia increased by 41% in 2023 compared to the previous year. In the past five years, the Company invested approximately NAD700 million through procurement and taxes. These injections support the economic empowerment of individuals and the development of the Namibian economy, a key priority for Andrada as a partner of Namibia.

Through this partnership, Andrada and Namibia together will contribute towards global efforts in the green energy transition. Tin is valued for its multiple uses relevant to the transition, but particularly for its application as a solder, is experiencing increasing demand which is likely to outstrip supply in the long-term. Tantalum is a transition metal renowned for its high melting point and corrosion resistance and has several applications in the renewable energy sector, including capacitators in wind turbines, solar energy systems, energy storage systems, and corrosion-resistant coatings. Lithium is a crucial component of energy storage and has an important role to play as renewable energy is increasingly integrated into national grids. The requirements of the energy transition can indeed be translated into an economically beneficial outcome.

Investing in Namibia’s Future

Namibia’s political stability, skilled workforce, and economic growth potential make it an attractive investment destination. More than that, is Andrada’s core objective to ensure that their investment partnership with Namibia is equitable and will benefit Namibia in the long-term.

Aside from a steadfast prioritisation to local procurement, during FY23, Andrada invested in community projects, concentrating their efforts on initiatives that the Company anticipates to have the largest social impact. Forty-nine percent of the investment was allocated to education, with an additional 4% allocated to mentorship programmes provided by the Company. Empowering their local stakeholders, and ensuring an increase future economic prospects, are key objectives of Andrada’s local initiatives.

Moreover, Andrada’s workforce is 99% Namibian. The Company provides employees with world-class training, and opportunities for professional development. Andrada views people as the most important asset and distinguishes itself as a partner that is truly invested in Namibia’s economic and social progress.

A Model for Community Engagement

Andrada takes great pride in its positive social impact, and its continuous engagement with local stakeholders. This allows the Company to target efforts that respond directly to the primary concerns and wants of those that its aims to benefit.

A recent example is the successful partnership of the mine with the Erongo Regional Council to restore consistent access to clean water for the Uis community. This collaboration replaced a failing water pipe, which significantly improved water pressure and provided water to households that previously lacked reliable supply.

As a particularly arid region, that has long struggled with consistent water supply, this collaborative effort is both meaningful and significant in its impact.

“This on-going initiative reflects Uis Mine’s commitment to responsible water management and the well-being of the Uis community,” said Efraim Tourob, Uis Mine Manager. “We are proud to have partnered with Namwater to deliver this essential resource.”

At Andrada Mining, sustainability best practices are integrated into the business model. The Company strives to minimise its environmental footprint while maximising value for all stakeholders.

Contributed by Andrada Mining Limited
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