B2Gold Namibia Exploration Team Donates Grass to the Ondundu Community

B2Gold Namibia’s Exploration team donated 310 bales of grass to the Ondundu community and nearby villages. The event was attended by B2Gold representatives Duane Rudman (Farms and Facilities Manager), Stephen Frindt (Exploration Manager) and Taimi Nangobe (Exploration Geologist).

The donation was officially handed over on Friday, 1 October 2021. Senior councillor for Zeraeua Tradition, Fabianus Uaseua, received the donation, remarking that the community was very grateful. “We truly appreciate B2Gold’s support. The grass will help a lot, as communities here are highly dependent on livestock for their livelihood. Most livestock have died due to poor rainfall in previous years.”

In addition to the grass, B2Gold Exploration also donated a total of 500 soaps and 200 masks for adults and children in the Omatjete community. Councillor Uaseua added that the community was severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. They still face challenges such as water shortage and lack of proper facilities to accommodate the Covid-19 patients. “The clinic does not have water; water is a big challenge in our community and we only have one borehole that supplies water to the whole Omatjete community.”

Despite the difficult circumstances, the community started a self-funding initiative and renovated an old building block with two rooms for use as a Covid-19 isolation ward.

Contributed by B2Gold Namibia