B2Gold – Nurturing a brighter future through education

B2Gold Namibia together with the Ministry of Education Arts and Culture recently hosted an event to celebrate a remarkable partnership and commemorate the impact of B2Gold Namibia’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programmes, particularly in the field of education.

The event, held in Otjiwarongo, on 21st September 2023, is a testament to B2Gold’s commitment to the philosophy of triple-bottom-line reporting: people, planet, profit. This philosophy underpins B2Gold Namibia’s extensive national CSI portfolio, which focuses on four pillars: health, education, arts and culture, livelihoods, and environment.

B2Gold understands that education is the cornerstone of progress, a beacon of hope for the next generation, and the key to unlocking the potential within every individual. For B2Gold, investing in education is investing in the future of Namibia and demonstrates the Company’s dedication to the well-being of the communities where it operates.

Education forms the largest pillar of B2Gold Namibia’s CSI programmes. In 2023 alone, B2Gold allocated NAD 7.2 million towards educational initiatives in the Otjozondjupa region. This investment showcases B2Gold’s determination to nurture the educational landscape and harness the intellectual potential of the region.

Since 2014, B2Gold’s partnership with the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture has supported various educational initiatives in Otjiwarongo and Otavi, focusing on improving school infrastructure, providing essential tools and teaching equipment, and enhancing the capabilities of dedicated teachers.

Some examples of this support include the following:


  • Construction of classrooms at the Otavi Primary School, Shalom Primary School, and Khorab Secondary School in Otavi;
  • Construction of a school hall at Karundu Primary School and the renovation of the dining hall at Paresis Secondary School in Otjiwarongo; and
  • The ongoing construction of Ombili Primary School in Otjiwarongo is due for completion by 2025; it will provide education to over 1,600 learners from grades 1 to 7.


  • Provision of machinery and equipment to Khorab Secondary School in Otavi for their Joinery and Woodwork workshop, fostering vocational skills development;
  • Establishment of a garden for practical teaching and a school feeding programme at Otavi Primary School; and
  • Support for EduVision, a project implemented by the Edugate Academy, which aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in rural areas to be on par with that of urban areas through e-learning.


  • Funding an additional science teacher at Otjiwarongo Secondary School, ensuring quality science education;
  • Provision of textbooks and maintenance of school infrastructure at Otjiwarongo Secondary School since 2015;
  • Support to the Otjiwarongo Teachers Resources Centre with computers, printers, storage devices, books; and
  • Promotion of science education through the Little Shop of Physics (LSOP) programme, making physics accessible, practical, and fun for teachers and pupils alike.

During the handover ceremony, John Roos, B2Gold Namibia Country Manager, spoke about how the Company’s commitment to sustainable development aligns with the Government’s Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5), Vision 2030, and the Harambe Prosperity Plan. “The impact of these projects transcends infrastructure and equipment; its about nurturing the potential within every pupil, empowering teachers, and creating a brighter future for all. The partnership between B2Gold Namibia, the projects they support, and the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture exemplifies what can be achieved when organizations unite for a common goal – the betterment of society.”

Contributed by B2Gold Namibia