Bannerman formalises Co-Sponsorship of Mondesa Youth Opportunities

Bannerman Mining Resources (Namibia) is known for their exceptional work in community engagement and development. The company, which is developing the Etango uranium project in Erongo, has substantially increased its educational footprint through formalising a co-sponsorship of Mondesa Youth Opportunities in Swakopmund, alongside the Rotary Club of Swakopmund.

Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO) is a non-profit trust offering intensive education intervention for students from underprivileged schools who show ability and promise. MYO’s aim is to develop leadership skills and to teach their learners to be good citizens of the future.

MYO identified the challenges facing the Namibian education system, with the result that many learners with ability may not be able to realise their potential. MYO focuses on educating the whole child, providing students from Grade 4-8 with supplementary skills development in subjects including English, Mathematics, Life Skills, Reading, Computer Science, Music and Sports. Learners attend MYO five days a week and complete their classes after school, with the benefit of a nutritious lunchtime meal provided at the facility. MYO operates in Mondesa, Swakopmund and caters for five classes of 24 students.

Bannerman’s support for MYO has evolved over time. After more than 15 years developing the Etango project, Bannerman is preparing to enter the construction and operation phase of the mine and hence expanded its corporate social investment (CSI) budget. Its directors have personally supported MYO in various ways over many years and are well aware of the positive impact that MYO has on the Swakopmund community.

In 2022, Bannerman successfully ran a campaign to sponsor a class of 24 students by matching the personal contributions from board members, the executive team and company shareholders. In February 2023 the board and executive team of Bannerman’s Australian parent company, Bannerman Energy Ltd, visited MYO to see first-hand the remarkable impact of the program. They were highly impressed by the great work MYO do and, after thorough due diligence, the decision was made to increase support for this wonderful organisation.

Bannerman is proud to join the Rotary Club of Swakopmund as joint co-sponsors of MYO, for an initial 3 year period. Rotary club members have been energetic and consistent supporters of MYO, providing an essential lifeline for the learners. Between Bannerman’s committed funding and Rotary funding initiatives, it is expected that the bulk of MYO’s operating expenses will be met, enabling the organisation to operate with financial certainty.

Bannerman’s latest efforts to support MYO complements its flagship Early Learner Assistance program. Since 2011, this program has focused on motivating young Namibian learners to stay in school by providing them with school uniforms, shoes and backpacks. The Bannerman Early Learner Assistance program has been recognised for its tremendous success reaching over 3500 learners, across 6 regions of Namibia.

You can read more about Mondesa Youth Opportunities here.

Contributed By Bannerman Energy