Elspe Minerals donates training equipment to NIMT

Elspe Minerals produces high-quality gypsum in the Namib Naukluft Park in the Erongo Region. As part of their Social Responsibility program, a portion of their profits is utilized to uplift education and training in the Erongo Region.

On Thursday, 11 January 2024, Mr. Günther Kahl, on behalf of Elspe Minerals (Pty) Ltd, handed over technical training equipment to the value of N$50,000 to NIMT. Mr. Kahl noted that high-quality Technical Vocational Education and Training is the cornerstone for a strong economy as well as a resilient mining industry.

The donation consisted of the following equipment, which will be utilized to train and educate young Namibians at the two NIMT campuses in Arandis:

  • 50 x Centre Punches
  • 2 x Drill Bit HSS Sets (1-13mm)
  • 4 x Drills Drift Morse – Taper
  • 6 x Drills HSS Morse – Taper (20, 24 & 26mm)
  • 30 x Engineers Squares – stainless steel
  • 30 x Files – Flat 2nd Cut
  • 30 x Files – Flat Smooth
  • 30 x Files – Triangle 2nd Cut
  • 30 x Hacksaw frames
  • 150 x Hacksaw blades 18T shatterproof
  • 20 x Hammer – Ball Pein 300g
  • 45 x Micrometres: Outside (0 – 75mm)
  • 41 x Padlocks Brass 40mm
  • 4 x Pliers Cir-clip Set (5Pc)
  • 50 x Rulers – stainless steel
  • 30 x Spring Dividers
  • 30 x Vernier Calipers (150mm)
  • 5 x Tapmatic No1 500ml (Steel)

Mr. Ralph Bussel, Executive Director of NIMT, with utmost appreciation accepted the donation on behalf of NIMT. He sincerely thanked Mr. Kahl and the representatives of Elspe Minerals (Pty) Ltd for the generous donation. With exhilaration he announced that Elspe Minerals (Pty) Ltd has provided technical training equipment in excess of N$120,000 to NIMT over a period of two years. He explained that Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is extremely expensive and he reiterated that the assistance of the private sector is required to ensure that NIMT is able to continue providing high-quality Training and Education to around 3,600 trainees annually.

Mr. Randy Erkana (Acting Principal NIMT, Engineering Trades Campus) sincerely thanked the representatives of Elspe Minerals (Pty) Ltd for the technical training equipment donated to NIMT. He pledged that the equipment will be put to good use and will definitely assist NIMT to continue providing training of excellence at the two Arandis-based campuses.

Contributed by Elspe Mining