Erongo Desalination Plant Unlocks Green Energy Potential

ORANO MINING NAMIBIA is proud of its current contribution to the development of the Erongo Region through the Erongo Desalination Plant and of the contribution of the uranium mining sector to the production of decarbonated electricity.

Orano Mining Namibia continues its focus on reducing the carbon footprint of the Erongo Desalination Plant (EDP) by making it more energy efficient. Electricity consumption in the current process is reduced by 40% through an innovative Energy Recovery System and Orano has also entered into a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with InnoSun Energy Holdings to provide solar electricity to the plant from a 5 MW solar plant.

This will enable Orano to make the provision of water to the Erongo Region from a green electricity source more affordable in the long term, and contribute greatly to efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the EDP. This project is part of the Orano group policy aiming to lower its carbon footprint and increase the share of low-carbon electricity at its operating sites worldwide.

The EDP is an important contributor to the overall supply of potable water in the Erongo Region, providing a substantial portion of the water supply of the town of Swakopmund, the uranium mines and other industries. It has done so safely with 12 years of continuous operation without a single lost time injury (LTI) and its environmental management system adheres to the highest standards, as confirmed by ongoing impact testing around the operating site by independent third parties.

In 2021, the Erongo Desalination Plant set a new record by producing 12.7 million cubic meters of fresh water. The cumulative production since 2013 has now reached over 83 million cubic meters.

At its Trekkopje Project near Arandis, Orano continues its care and maintenance activities. The Trekkopje mine and plant was near completion before the commencement of care and maintenance. All structures built on the mine are protected and can be commissioned when required and at minimal cost.

Orano Mining Namibia has maintained an impeccable safety record, and received the highest recognition for mines under care and maintenance from the Namibian Chamber of Mines. The company continues to carry out environmental monitoring, including monitoring of rehabilitation trials, biodiversity, groundwater and effluent sampling, weather, as well as air quality and radiation levels.

Contributed by Orano Mining Namibia