Nambeb Recognises Frontline Workers

Namdeb Recognises Frontline workers

Namdeb recognises that since the advent of the deadly Corona virus, many have found it difficult to adjust to the emotional and physical turmoil caused by the pandemic. Whilst it is easy to protect ourselves and isolate from the public, Namdeb recognises, with great respect and appreciation, the work of the frontline who have worked tirelessly to save patients during this time. Namdeb and its employees appreciate that their work is demanding at the best of times, with no opportunity to escape, and acknowledge that the challenges and risks faced by the frontline employees are noticeably far greater than that of the average person.

The Namibian health workers continue to work tirelessly under challenging circumstances to keep us safe and healthy whilst risking their lives both physically and emotionally. As a token of appreciation, the Namdeb employees collectively honoured frontline employees, with the donation of care packages provided to the Katutura, Windhoek Central and the Oranjemund hospitals, to recognize and support our heroes in the hope of boosting their morale and to build positivity.

The Namdeb employees thank all the front-line workers for continuing their vital work to help those that are fighting COVID-19, and value the hard sacrifices made by them each day.

We see you and recognize you for all that you continue to do.

Contributed by Namdeb