Namibia Uranium Institute – The importance of training employees

NUI – The importance of training employees

Several studies are highlighting the value of how fostering a learning culture can be beneficial for a positive working environment, with the employee being a greater asset to the company by feeling motivated, valued and more engaged.

Training opportunities do increase the employees’ performance and growth, thereby positively impacting on the productivity of the company. In the field of mining industries, properly trained staff translates to a safer workplace, improved risk management and better adherence to best standard practices.

The Namibian Uranium Institute (NUI) has recognized the importance of training in order to improve knowledge, safety and the implementation of best practices in the field of occupational health and hygiene, environmental management and radiation safety. The NUI has developed partnerships with various training service providers to cater for the needs of the industry.

For the coming year several courses are already planned and scheduled at the NUI. With regards to Occupational Hygiene, the NUI is planning to offer not only the Basic Principles’ course, but also six different intermediate modules (such as Health Effects of Hazardous Substances, Measurement and its effects of Noise, Ergonomic Essentials etc.) Upon completion of the basic course and six modules, an International Certificate, awarded by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), can be obtained. The courses are being offered by Sedulitas, with BOHS as examining body.

For all radiation safety related courses, the service provider VO Consulting, in partnership with the NUI, has developed a compendium on all courses, highlighting the course outlines and objectives. The NUI is also open to discuss any tailor-made courses upon request. Please visit our website at for more information and to download the compendium on radiation safety training courses in Namibia.

With regards to Occupational Health, the NUI offers Spirometry Refresher and Full courses, as well as courses for Audiometricians. Different workshops for a safer workplace are also being offered by Cymot and its partners, as well as Evolution Safety Namibia, such as Hand Protection, Ear and Eye Protection or Working-in-Heights.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned courses, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone. We are looking forward to cater for your training needs, as well as for tailor-made courses within our scope.

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