Orano Mining Sponsors COSDEF Arts & Craft Centre

Orano-Mining Sponsors COSDEF Arts

by the COSDEF Arts & Craft Centre to the value of N$105,000. The two-week training course kicked off at Spitzkoppe Village on 7 November, and will cover creative art foundation training and craft technical training. It forms part of a more extensive training project that is expected to continue in 2023 to expand the skills base of the craft artists in this community.

Craft production is an important income generating industry for this area due to the high number of international tourists visiting Spitzkoppe. The skills development project is expected to have a positive impact on income levels for the artists directly, and potentially benefit a wider group of beneficiaries within the community indirectly. The #Gaingu Conservancy and the Spitzkoppe Community Campsite assisted with arrangements and the venue.

Contributed by Orano Mining Namibia