Rössing bolsters School Patrols in Walvis Bay for learners’ safety

Rössing bolsters Schools Patrol in Walvis Bay for learners’ safety

Amid an increasing number of fatal incidents involving learners hit by vehicles on the roads of the coastal towns, Rössing Uranium supported 8 schools in Walvis Bay to enhance their traffic patrols and road safety awareness.
Rӧssing contributed to improving school patrols through its donation of reflective bibs, hats and traffic gear to learners and teachers from these schools, to a value of N$54,400.

Rössing Uranium Manager for Corporate Communication, Daylight Ekandjo, applauded efforts of the Walvis Bay Municipality Traffic Division for voluntarily spearheading and holding hands with the schools to create awareness on road safety.

Ekandjo stressed that school patrol programmes instil invaluable lessons of civic responsibility, spatial awareness and leadership in the young minds that partake in them, adding that programmes such as this empower children to take ownership of their surroundings and to contribute meaningfully to the welfare of their peers.

“Rössing’s involvement in this programme is under the slogan “I am aware”. I am calling on each and everyone here to remain aware and vigilant on our roads – whether you are a pedestrian or a passenger in a vehicle or the driver of a vehicle. Collectively we have a responsibility to keep each other safe,” said Ekandjo.

The involvement of Rössing not only benefits the communities in which the mine operates, but it also serves to enrich its organizational culture. Ekandjo said, “this fosters a sense of purpose and unity among our employees, as we collectively strive towards a common goal of making a positive impact in each other’s lives.”

Chief Eben Platt from the Walvis Bay Traffic Division shared Ekandjo’s sentiments saying it is of utmost importance to have learners at the forefront of activities concerning their safety.

Platt stressed that roads are becoming unsafe, with children often using roads as soccer fields and playing grounds. “It is important that we have young people at the forefront of this project to help us expedite awareness in this regard. While we are at it to take on reckless drivers, we also need to have our children aware of unsafe surroundings,” said Platt.

Echoing sentiments of the learners was Maria Iita from Duinesig High School who called on fellow learners to use side-walks for their safety.
“The roads are for cars and not for learners, so please use the sidewalk and stop walking in the roads. It is not safe, and you can get bumped. Most of us want to become successful one day. This will not happen if you get bumped. You only have one life, and you should love and protect it,” said Iita.