Rössing Uranium Recognises its Employees

Rossing recognises its employees

Rössing Uranium hosted it’s Making A Difference (MAD) awards ceremony, to celebrate the outstanding contributions of employees towards Business Value, Health, Safety & Environment, Replication, Community Involvement, Team Membership and Living Our Values.  

Speaking at the annual event, Rössing’s Managing Director, Johan Coetzee said, at Rössing we believe that developing and recognising the efforts of all our exceptional employees needs to be seen and heard. “Giving recognition to outstanding performance improves employee engagement, reduces labour turnover and provides a new window into the health of the organization.”

“Rössing would not be where it is today if we did not invest and recognise innovation and creativity. We believe that the spirit of innovation and creativity helps us build on our rich history established 45 years ago. It is this spirit that inspires us to build an even better future,” he said.

Forty-three recipients were honoured during the event for their contributions to the business in 2020 and 2021. 

Johan continued to praise the award recipients for their contribution to making Rössing a great company to work for and be proud of.

“As an organisation, Rössing has achieved so much amidst the challenging times and have navigated through the unknown, but with the commitment and dedication demonstrated by the workforce I do not doubt that we will achieve our goals.”

“I am confident that through your outstanding efforts, the future is brighter, and we will continue with this program to drive cost-saving and continuous improvement. Recognition of our employees will remain our key strategy to drive employee engagement and increase productivity. I am proud to work with a team full of ambitious people who continue to deliver excellent results,” said Coetzee.

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