The Namibian Uranium Institute (NUI) Offers New Course on Occupational Vision Screening

NUI has partnered with Education for Health Africa to bring World best practices to the African continent, currently one of the World’s fastest growing markets for healthcare and workplace well-being.

The Occupational Vision Screening Course is an international standard certificate of competence short course designed specifically for people in Africa, who are responsible for performing vision screening in an occupational setting.

International Occupational Health Guidelines call for the routine use of vision screening in the workplace. The course has been developed in order to introduce visual screening, or improve existing screening in African workplaces. The primary purpose of the course is increasing knowledge, practice, awareness and access to high quality vision screening on the continent.

The training course will render participants competent to checking vision screening equipment, conducting a vision screening test, and record and report the vision test results.

This is now the third range of Occupational Health Courses that the NUI is offering.

Contributed by Namibia Uranium Association