TotalEnergies Mining Solutions

Operating sustainably and responsibly every day

TotalEnergies is transforming, and reinforces its ambition to be a world-class player in the energy transition and to get to net zero in 2050, together with society. As a leading multi-energy company, great care is taken to respect the environment, protect human health, ensure products and facility safety, and promote social and economic development in our host countries.

Health & Safety, a shared priority

Because enforcing high health and safety standards is also a priority for mining partners, TotalEnergies works together with their clients to develop several stringent programs that benefit the various stakeholders on the mine site.

Protecting the environment on the mine site

At TotalEnergies, it is their business and ongoing responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to energy, in an environment that is protected. In the mining industry, this means proactively limiting the environmental footprint by finding innovative solutions to reduce waste oil and developing treatment, recycling, and recovery solutions.

How TotalEnergies helps you reduce your costs

TotalEnergies has demonstrated its ability to reduce mining companies Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on several occasions.

We call it continuous improvement projects

Together with the mining operator, TotalEnergies works with the Finance, Warehouse, Maintenance, Mining and HSEQ teams to find opportunities to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership while at the same time ensuring fuels and lubricants quality and environmental protection.

Typically, these projects can be:

  1. Introduction of highest quality energy-efficient and fuel-saving lubricants.
  2. The implementation of lubrication application procedures.
  3. Changes and optimization in the storage infrastructure and logistics.
  4. Ensuring security of supply.

For this to happen, a strong involvement of the mining company is needed while the commitment from TotalEnergies is to demonstrate the savings to the client, at the end of the project.

Today, TotalEnergies is leading some of those projects in Namibia, South Africa, and various projects in Africa

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