Phosphate Mining and Marine Environment with Dr. Chris Brown

Phosphate Mining

CEO of the Namibian Chamber of Environment and a well-respected Namibian environmental scientist, Dr. Chris Brown shares his views on the impacts of marine phosphate activities on the marine environment and co-existence of commercial activities in this ecosystem. 

In a series of short interviews with the Chamber of Mines, Dr. Brown shares the view that Namibia’s Environmental Legislation is sufficient to regulate the activities of marine phosphate mining in a shared commercial space. He highlights the public’s concerns, details what is still outstanding before development, and maps a way forward to progress a phosphate industry in Namibia.

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Talk 1 of 4

Can Phosphate and Marine Industries Co-Exist?

Talk 2 of 4

Why are People Concerned about Marine phosphate mining in Namibia?

Talk 3 of 4

Is Namibia’s Environmental Framework Suitable to Monitor Marine Phosphate Mining?

Talk 4 of 4

What is the way Forward to Develop the Marine Phosphate Mining Industry in Namibia?

Highlights from the Interviews

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